Gravity’s Effect On Everything

Gravitational Effects Around Earth

Gravity has an affect on nearly everything in the entire universe. From galaxies, to solar systems, to planets and their moons, and even on the planets themselves (like the tides), if there are objects with mass then gravity is present. Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation explains the effect of gravity between objects. Newton’s Law says that all objects with mass attracts other objects with mass (called gravity), the gravitational force between two masses is directly proportional to their product (doubling one mass doubles force of gravity between the objects), and the force of gravity decreases with the square of the distance between the objects. Through this law we see that all objects with mass effect the force of gravity between other objects. Even though all objects attract each other with some force we do not always feel the effect (i.e. the force of us on a book) because these masses are so small that the force is not strong enough to move either object. However, with much larger objects with exponentially higher masses that our own bodies the force of gravity is than increased, for example the gravity between the sun and the earth. The sun is so massive that the force between it and the earth is so great that the sun pulls it (along with all the other objects in our solar system) into orbit. Even more impressive than this is that our entire solar system orbits around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, meaning that there is an object with such an enormous mass in the center of our galaxy that it pulls our entire solar system in orbit even though there is an unfathomable distance from our solar system to the center our galaxy (26,000 light-years). It is incredible to see the different effects that the force of gravity can have on the large objects within our universe.

One thought on “Gravity’s Effect On Everything

  1. Good Post! Gravity is considered the strangest of the fundamental forces in physics. Have you looked at the recent discoveries about gravitational waves from the LIGO observatory? There are objects that generate waves in gravity, like waves in the ocean.


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