The Cosmic Calendar: Humanities Brief Reign


In the grand scheme of the Universe, mankind has been around for an almost unfathomably short amount of time. Condensing the span of the universe into one calendar year we see clearly how our mark on the universe has barely just happened. All of what what we consider “modern” history takes place on December 31st, at 11:59, the LAST minute of the entire year. Our entire solar system only formed in September which means our Solar System has only seen about the last fourth of the universes history. Looking at the picture above we see that a human life of 100 years only lasts for 0.23 cosmic seconds. This gives a mind blowing visual of just how fleeting each individuals life spans in comparison to the very beginning of time. Humanity for the longest time has been considered the rulers of the world, but we’ve only been rulers for less than one minute. The dinosaurs lasted for about five days on the cosmic calendar. Where will humanity be in 5 days of the cosmic calendar?

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